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Full Version! Bless the person who upload it!

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Sound Horizon
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The Nighthawk’s Star

I’ll aim straight for the skies to outrun my sadness
With a <speed> that’ll leave yesterday in the dust
For what am I singing? For what have I come this far? 
I’ll leave behind <the proof of my life engulfed in fire>[a star]…

By the shore…upon which the curtains of night falls…I watched the stars…alone in dusk…
No matter where I go…I was treated as an unwelcome outsider…my lips cut…the wind sends chills through me…

No more rage… No more grief…
Even if I envision an ideal world devoid of hatred…
I have no evidence of my arrival being desired…
Love me do…. Love me do…
I continued to shout…

I’ll aim straight for the skies to outrun my sadness
With a <speed> that’ll leave my tears in the dust
For what am I living? For what was I born?
I’ll search for <a place to consume my life in fire>[a star]…

Frozen in that gust of wind…is a bleeding piece of glassware…
Shaking in that cage…is the shadow of my lying <self>[you]…


I’ll aim straight for <my ideals>[the skies] to outrun <reality>[my sadness]
With the <maximum speed> that’ll leave <my past self, anxious and unrestful>[yesterday] in the dust
For what am I bursting into song? For what have I rushed forth?
I’ll pass down <the proof of my life utterly consumed in fire>[a star]…

My pale breaths come out faster and faster…transforming into a glorious flower…
It shatters and pierces my heart…but even then…

Though exposed to the winds of malice, spread by the masses, the nighthawk soars on higher and higher
I don’t care if I die….since I’m living, so I’ll burn till the very end!

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Um, hi, what does your url mean?

It doesn’t have a deep meaning, it’s quite dumb actually.
Revo is the leader of the band called Sound Horizon, and I absolutely adore and respect him deeply. He’s a musical genius to me, and his music affected my life to a certain degree… thus the url “revofag” meaning “I’m a major fag when it comes to him and my reactions can be pretty drastic and believe me, you wouldn’t want to be around me to hear me whalenoising or sobbing like a fountain”?

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can I know how do you download that gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun artbook? OwO thanks~

Hi there!^u^ If you mean the fanbook, I don’t actually have an url!;_;” I ordered a copy of the anthology and the fanbook was bought to me by a friend, so… ;_;” 
But I’m pretty sure lots of people in the community kindly shared some of the scans!^u^

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Hnnnng!;U; <3 YOU CUTIE <3<3<3

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(Fonte: luciano-laurant)

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I know we’ll all stay in contact somehow, I don’t doubt it one bit ^ w ^

Uhm!;U; I really hope so!;v; <3<3<3

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naw its okay~ Its basic realization at this point that rumblr is a very love hate kind of place. But I’m sure we’ll all get our moments to be able to talk with one another again like now O vO

Uhm!;u; That’s what matters the most to me… not to completely lose contacts with all of you!.u.

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Thats our Micchi = 777= !!! <3 shshshshshssssshhhh no feel guilt~ //pats your face

I miss you guys, but I don’t miss tumblr that’s the problem /sobs
I’m so sorry for being so strange /sighs

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forsakenasylum ha risposto al tuo post :trixderp ha risposto al tuo post :forsakenasylum…

I HATE YOU BOTH FOR MAKING ME FEEL GUILTY AND NOSTALGIC Q_________________________Q DIUSHuiahuishsuihasdiusd /smothers both of them

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aaahhh how i miss seeing micchi getting teased on here… uwaaahh… hontou subarashii~~ //giggles

I’m so sorry Trix, how could I leave you out of this? GO KINDLY FUCK YOURSELF WITH A CACTUS TOO DEAR <3

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good good /pets I DONT LIKE THE SOUND OF IT BC NOZAKI IS A FUNNY CHARACTER BUT I DONT SEE HIM EVER FALLING FOR CHIYO. Fun fact: My flatmate randomly watched one episode with us and he summed up the plot as Nozaki<-Chiyo<-Mikorin

Also… SAME. I see Nozaki as sort of asexual? THe fun thing is that should he ever fall for someone Chiyo would be one of the last options ever to me?
Like… Ken-san has way more chances than Chiyo with him! www

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